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  1. Where to buy 2018/19 EPL jersey in Nigeria

    The new EPL football season 2018/19 is almost underway, and many have gotten jerseys of their respective clubs. What's the story behind each jersey? where can you get jerseys of your favourite clubs here in Nigeria?

    This article focuses on the big six in the EPL. In subsequent articles, we'll talk about those of other top clubs in Europe. For now, enjoy!

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  2. Timberland boots - Boots for a lifetime | Baffup Online

    Timberland boots

    Timberland boots are high quality boots that can last you a lifetime. Investing in a timberland boot could be the best shoe investment you’ll ever make in years.
    The name Timberland was adopted back in 1973 when the boots became very popular. The company later became known as The Timberland Company. Actually, you can date the history of Timberland back to 1928 when Timberland founder Nathan Swartz began making shoes in Boston, USA.

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  3. Nike Off-White collection and other new arrivals this week on Baffup Online

    Here are the new arrivals this week after the Valentine season
    The Valentine frenzy has come and gone. But there are new items to get excited about on Baffup online.
    Let’s talk about 5 of the newly arrived items on the store:

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  4. Nigeria super eagles 2018 world cup kit - Tribute to 1994 jersey

    The new world cup jersey for the super eagles was unveiled in London on Wednesday, and I must say it’s a marvel to behold.

    Nike really did a great job with the jersey this time around and every faithful supporter of the super eagles surely must get this beautifully made jersey by Nike for the world cup later this year

    According the Nigerian design director, Dan Farron, Nike wanted to make a design that taps into the attitude of the nation. “We built this kit with and collection based on the players’ full identities” he said before adding “we started to see trends in attitude and energy connecting the athletes to the music, fashion and more. They are part of a resounding cool culture”.

    The home kit pays tribute to the first jersey worn in 1994 by the first Nigerian team to qualify for the world cup. The eagle wing-inspired black-and –white sleeve and green turso was supercharged through an abstracted feather pattern and hyper colours that extends power capable of turning heads on and off the pitch.

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  5. 7 Romantic things to do to make this Valentine season a memorable one

    It’s the Valentine season this year, and everyone is getting in the mood of love. This means giving and receiving gifts.

    Valentine is much more than the giving and receiving of gifts though. It’s usually the occasion when those in relationships take that next big step and make it official. This is usually marked be making arrangements for something special on the 14th of February each year.

    Some have found having a romantic dinner as a very good idea. Others have decided to spend time with family. But what are the 7 most romantic things to do this Valentine 2018?

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  6. Tips On How Not to Get Scammed When Shopping Online

    Hey guys happy new week

    It’s no news that the e-commerce sector in Nigeria has been growing really fast. Basically, businesses are now selling products online using the power of technology- the internet, social media and various other marketing tools. It has however come with some advantages and disadvantages.

    Some advantages includes: ease of shopping, convenience and as a result, increased number of sales for businesses. It has also come with some disadvantages which include people getting scammed online. The first question is why do people get scammed? Most people get scammed because the e-commerce sector in Nigeria is very young and a lot of people find it hard to differentiate between genuine e-commerce brands and dubious e-commerce brands.

    Never worry about the risk of getting scammed while shopping online again, as this post provides you with all the needed guidance needed to shop safely online.

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  7. 3 Best gift idea this Valentine season 2018 | Baffup Online

    It’s the season of love, its Valentine! So you wanna get a gift for him/her but not sure what to get?
    Well for one, you don’t have to worry too much about the ‘perfect’ gift to give. That’s why you have Baffup Online yeah? Cool!
    Below are some ideas to lighten rekindle the love flame between you both.

    1: Audemars Piguet Silver Tone Couple Wrist watch

    With its steel case, octagonal bezel, “tapisserie” dial and integrated bracelet, the Audemars Piquet silver tone watch has taken its place as a true modern icon.
    Your love should be nothing short of being iconic, and the Audemar Piquet silver tone couple watch is the perfect watch for you both to commemorate your already great love life.

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  8. Pictures and full list of winners at the NAACP Image Awards 2018. Black-ish, Power and more

    The NAACP Image Awards 2018 was a blast, and many fans will be happy for their favourite celebs, movies and TV shows. Foremost among these ones will surely be the ever growing fans of the veteran comedy series Black-ish, which scooped some awards as well as its stars too.

    The 49th annual Image Awards ceremony, which honors people of color in entertainment and literature as well as people who promote social justice through creative endeavors, was held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and broadcast live on TV One.

    Check out the full list of the winners below and some pictures

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  9. The 5 rules that guides you when wearing sweatpants in public

    Sweatpants are comfy and especially good for harmattan. But there are rules that guide you when wearing them in public.
    Some even suggest not to wear them at home let alone in public. Reason? They’re too baggy and way too schlubby-looking to ever pass as presentable.
    But there are certainly occasions to wear sweatpants. Some wear sweatpants while exercising, running or jogging.

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  10. How to pick the right color suit

    One of the question clients often ask me during our style consultation is: ‘Emeka, what color of suit should I make?’

    A lot of factors are considered when choosing a color of suit to make.

    Men's suits are available in a wide range of color. While black is the most common, there are literally dozens of color to choose from.

    A general rule of thumb that guides your choice of color when selecting a Be-spoke suit is the FUNCTION of the suit.

    Suit functions vary from business to evening to leisure. Aside function, factors like skin tone and body type, pattern often determines the color your suit will come in.

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